Top 10 Ways for Teens to Show up and be AWESOME.


1. Believe in you. Self-worth is the core of all achievement and inner peace. So if you want to achieve something, it will be critical for you to have self-worth in your journey through life. Some signs of low self-worth are; self-doubt, anxieties about your performance in school, sports, etc., self-criticism, low confidence in certain situations, and social anxiety.  If you don’t know where to begin seek help.

2. Give, give give. Simply put, Spread Awesome! We can do this by turning a “Me, Me, Me” attitude to one of “WEeeee”. Being generous is just more fun than being selfish. This is true whether at work, or School. Offer your Awesome to everyone and everything. When you give everyone in your world your very best energy, you are unleashing a tiny wildfire of awesome into the world.

3. Do your best. – always. Make it a habit. What is your alternative option? Your “no-so-best”? That doesn’t sound good.

4. Eat and exercise for high energy. Move. Connect to your Body. Junk in junk out. If the food and drinks you consume are not giving you amazing energy, they are robbing you of it.
5. Let it go – beyond your discipline there is much in this world beyond our control …LET it GO. I have come to realize in my own life that emotions are like clouds that pass through us we always have the choice to a.) Express them b.) repress them or c.) Let them go!
6. Focus your attention/energy. What you focus on comes to life.  If you focus on your doubts and insecurities they will become real.
7. Find your voice – Accept your unique brand of Awesome. There’s nobody like you.  **This requires high self-worth.
8. Become the hero in your story. Nobody else can save the day for you.
9. Release the fear of what others think of you. Realize that in this world some may like you, some may not. It’s not any of your business what others think. **This requires high self-worth.
10. Forgive, forgive, forgive – Start with yourself. Everybody has made mistakes. Put the past away.  When you cling to the criticisms and the stories that highlight your limitations, they become more and more real. When you forgive yourself for not being perfect you are able to move forward to your true potential.

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